Morning Glory

The wind chimes through the trees and the delicate dew drops dance upon her lips as if the morning was kissing her.

“Wake up.” nature whispers as the clouds begin to break and sunbeams poured sublime colors across her skin. Her feet pointed, back arched and her hands reached to the heavens. Her delicate fingers move as if conducting a symphony.She gets  caught up in the sweet, haunting melody- she finally sits up and opens her eyes. The dazzling light spins around her and the breeze picks her up and she lands….en pointe.

So light she she poses like a single morning glory in a field. Her beauty along with a warm hue, she has an unattainable grace thats only gifted to a few.  Like cotton candy, she is sweet and wispy. The butterflies grab the strands of her hair and arrange them upon her head. They rest there to enjoy the dance up close.

She begins to move, slow at first but then her arms hover above her head and she shuts her blue kaleidoscope eyes again. Her dance begins…..a smile pulls across her face as she feels him on this beautiful September morning. His hands stretch across her waist and lifts her high. They move as one and it is as if time stops when they are together.

With him she feels free as if she could dance on the clouds but has the security he provides as he keeps her grounded. She can be free as he keeps her safe and sound. Time creeps by and they knows what needs to be done. Once more he holds her above his head, her hands grab the sun and together they slowly drag it across the sky. Together they paint the sky with the spectrum of their love.  The bright dazzling sun rays slowly warm and turn golden…the world darkens.

As they lay the sun to sleep beyond the horizon she turns and faces him. They gaze into each others eyes. She leans in close to him and pulls out the glimmer that dances around his dark eyes. Together they look at the iridescent pearl that spins upon her finger. Without speaking they each make a shared wish, blow and it floats up into the onyx sky.

He stretches out under the willow tree and pulls her into his arms. His breath dances on her neck and she relaxes into him.  Holding on tight to one another as their day draws to an end….

like a blanket
night covers lovers
morning glories subside

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