I Want You Back

Art work by me..Anja...of course

Art work by me..Anja…of course


How did I get here?

Where are you?


I am standing in a down pour yet can’t feel a thing. It is as if life is passing me by. I am terrified and there is a darkness in me that is clawing it’s way out. I want to scream but if I do, it will escape and I will be empty. Completely void of everything and that is worse.

Looking around and I find myself standing on the sea shore. Wandering in the darkness not sure which way to go.  I step back to stay on the sand because what if the water touches my feet? I don’t want to get caught up in the currents and it wash away my last memories of you.

Falling to my knees as memories take over me, it covers my body and seeps in my skin to take over my soul. I can see your face, your sweet smile…the way you stroked my cheek with your finger. I fall apart as the warmth of your arms around me is felt, one last time.  Pressing your forehead against mine and the murmuring of “I love you” washes over me.

I can’t take the pain of it all, our last moments together. I finally let out a primal scream that comes from deep within and pushes out. Sounds of loss, feelings of heart-break reverberate out in the night and any soul near by will feel its atramentous grip dig into their spines. The fingers of grief will not let go until they see my face…it will haunt them until my love returns to me.

I collapse onto the sand as my eyes turn to the horizon. The black skies begin to crack as morning light fights to return again. Just like all the mornings before I feel myself slowly dissolve back to which I came. Piece by piece I break apart, into the sand as the now gentle tide carries me back to my grave. I am too weak to fight anymore.

I let go and slip down to sleep upon my seaweed bed. My mind calms, body lets go and eyes shut until the moon creeps back into the sky and then I will return.

I will find you my love.

You will one day join me in my natatory grave.

I warned you that night I would not go quietly.

Your hands around my neck, I can still feel.

You will be mine…once more.



Written for the fabulous MindLoveMisery writing prompt.  This week was all about “Take Me Back”
Loss of love, friendship, employment, youth we’ve all experienced a sense of longing (even if brief) for the restoration of a relationship, state of being, or situation. Is there anything or anyone you’ve lost? Has hindsight clarified your illusions or created a crippling nostalgia? All forms of media are acceptable. Your entry can be fiction, non fiction, or a combination of the two. My entry is totally fictional and encase there is any confusion the “I” in my poem is male. The loss can be based on choice(s) you’ve made or events that were not within your control but you wish, nevertheless, to alter. You do not have to use the phrase “Take me back” but you are welcome to do so.

One thought on “I Want You Back

  1. Gorgeous artwork as always. Emptiness is worse, I was taking a medicine that made me feel bored and apathetic and it nearly drove me off the deep end. I am not good with apathy I’d rather feel even if it hurts. Gut-wrenchingly vulnerable


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