I Have Forgotten How to Pray

Cassatt, Mary young-woman-picking-the-fruit-of-knowledge-1892

The moment when the sky is high and the ocean is roaring; the wind sings as the stars are crying. Are you listening to the trees that are whispering life’s secrets? It floats in the air into ears that are open. Let your bare feet feel the earth as its warming under the suns embrace. These are the moments I have forgotten how to pray.

The moment between silence and the breath between words I close my eyes as time stands still. When my pencil stills and the words do not flow but rather fold unto themselves so I cannot pick them apart. I open a book and my fingers kiss the pages and no words appear. They have merged into one shape as it dangles from the cover. A heart that has a line showing its weakness. These are the moments I have forgotten how to pray.

The moment I am surrounded by a sea of wishes; drop to my knees and pluck one from the ground. I blow on the white snowball flower as the fuzzy wings flutter around carrying each wish, hope and desire in my heart. Some dance down the strands of my hair just to land on my nose and I try hard to see it as it twirls. Others get caught up in the wind to be carried away to far off lands and maybe to land upon him. These are the moments I have forgotten how to pray.

The moment the song comes dancing upon the leaves ; and his voice echoes within the hollow of the trees. My heart beat matches the melody as I look up to be caught up in the memory. Happiness warms my face as the sun kisses my cheeks. The words slips in between my lips and float down to my heart so I can feel love once more. This is the moment I remember how to pray.

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