All the nights we spent gazing at the stars that illuminated your eyes.
You said you loved me and that no star or moon in any  universe could compare to me….we were two lost warriors searching for a home to rest our weary hearts within one another.

For so long I felt like a wandering ghost tangled up among the living.
Always searching for my missing bones and warmth of a kind touch… more words spoken in anger but rather whispered graciousness that caused the darkness in my chest to glow once more.

I loved you then underneath the moon and stars even if they were shared miles apart. Intoxicated on your words and reveled in how I could feel your smile dance down each vertebra- even when I couldn’t see it….

Reaching back I try to grasp those lost moments when you would have kissed me where it hurt the most. You promised to always protect me. That gave me strength to be vulnerable. I wish I could have that back now.

Each night I close my eyes and dream of a field, holding a dandelion. With a gentle breath I blow a wish….a whisper to your heart from mine…..


i remember forevermore
burst like a supernova
then faded to nevermore

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