Every Princess Needs a Sword

Artwork created by me made especially for my friend The Professor

Artwork created by me -made especially for my friend, The Professor

…and Princess Sophia paced back and forth in the tower.  She could hear the fiery breath of the dragon who stood guard outside the door. She sat down crying because she felt lost and alone. All of a sudden trumpets blared so she ran to the window to see what was going on.
She could see him upon his stallion, sword drawn…ready to rescue her.  Her Prince was here and soon she would be free…..

Grace sighed as she closed her book.

“Why does the Princess always have to be rescued?”

She lay down on her bed with her head hanging over the side.  Her hair dropped down and piled up on the floor. Her dad always told her if she didn’t like the way things appeared, look at them from another view. Upside down seemed to work for her because she always seemed to get the best ideas this way.

Just then her cat Francis walked over and rubbed up against her face. She reached down, grabbed the cat and held the furry guy out in front of her.

“What is it Sir Francis? You heard there is a dragon nearby? Come, we must go fight him and protect our home.”

Grace sat back up and looked around her room.

“Where, oh where is my sword?”

There was no time to waste because the dragon would soon be here. She let Francis go so he could go warn the others. Standing up on her bed she prepared for battle.

*knock knock*

Grace moaned…who could possibly be interrupting this epic event that was about to take place.

“Who is it?”

“Uh…it’s Patrick. I just got back in town from summer vacation and wanted to know if you wanted to play.”

With one quick jump she was off the bed and opening the door for tiny little…..


“Yeah…that is what I said.  You act like you don’t know me.”

She stepped back when she realized Patrick had grown at least a head taller than her over the past 2 months.

“It’s just that….you look so different.”

“Different?  Like I have a third eye? Come on…let’s go outside and play.”

She was so happy to have someone to play with besides Francis. She grabbed his hand and before they knew it they were in her backyard.

Grace looked up at Patrick and asked, “Do you want to go slay some dragons?”

Patrick liked the idea but then said, “Of course. You can be held captive up in the tree and I will…..”

Before he could finish,  Grace had picked up a stick and wielded it like a sword.

“Do you really think I need rescuing?”

Patrick chuckled as he spun and grabbed his own sword.

“I never said that but I thought girls like that sort of stuff.”

Grace lowered her weapon and stood as tall as she could.

“Maybe but not me! I don’t want to be rescued. I do not need some man to come rescue me. I can fight on my own.”

Patrick studied her and asked, “So what you are saying is you don’t need a guy to save you. Then what should he do? Just let you get in all kinds of trouble and do nothing?”

“I didn’t say that! If I am in trouble, well..he can come fight along side of me.”

Patrick couldn’t help by smile even bigger.

“Okay then, are you going to keep talking about fighting dragons or will you just pick up your sword because one is right behind you!”

With that he rolled on the ground and jumped in the air as his sword came crashing down on the tree. Grace was impressed with his move and didn’t say a thing but ran to his side as the battle began.

Before long the dragon had been conquered and the two warriors were on the ground looking up at the sky.


“Yes, Patrick?”

Patrick rolled on his side and rested his head in his hand. He looked over at Grace who was still trying to figure out what each cloud form was above them.

“Never mind Grace,” and he laid back down.

Grace giggled and gently kicked him with her foot.

“Patrick if you have something to say, just say it.”

Patrick held his tongue as he thought about Grace and seeing her fight the dragon. He enjoyed her spirit and tenacity but the more he thought about it, he got butterflies in his stomach. He wasn’t sure what it all meant but he knew he wanted to give her happily ever after……


This little tale was inspired by the picture I made for The Professor and my own thoughts about Princess’s and fairy tales. 🙂 I do believe I owe The Professor another picture.  He asked for a katana sword and I got carried away…..oops

One thought on “Every Princess Needs a Sword

  1. “I picked this at random. What a sweet coming of age tale. Grace reminds me of Robert Munch’s Paperbag Princess — sometimes the princess rescues the Prince, or gives him butterflies in his stomach,” she said.


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