Don’t Look


My fingers reach out to play with the elusive orb. It’s light comes close but not enough to touch it. The warmth washes over me and bathes me in it’s essence. My heart smiles while my soul laughs. I close my eyes to get swept up in the moment. I feel as if I am light and soaring above the train. The sun rises and it covers me in a silken orange glow. My heart turns out so I can feel him and just in that moment my body jolts.

Inhaling, eyes open and I am grounded once more. The piercing song of the train halting puts distance between us. Buzzing whispers of everyone around penetrate my ears. I want to go back to the dream…or is it a dream?

The essence of rain permeates my nose and my thoughts go back to the strange man who has entered my world. The way he looks at me frightens and comforts me. I don’t want him to see too much because he will know all that I try to keep hidden.

sunrise brings hope
love vanishes in the light
with him I feel at one


Written for Carpe Diem #367

Our group has arrived to Kirov

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