Dear Diary

“I don’t even know what I am doing anymore….” she whispered as her head hung down.

Looking around her home, it was dark.  It had been days before she had realized they shut her electricity off. As her stomach making a wretched noise, her fingers rubbed the area where she once had a soft belly.  Now it was caved in and above she could feel her ribs protruding.

It was then an unearthly thirst overwhelmed her. She pulled her tongue across her lips, but they were still parched and cracked. Next to the bed was a glass of water, so she eased over to drink something. By the time the water touched her mouth, it felt like it was gone like rain in the desert.

Not even sure what time or day it was, she curled up in the bed. Her body ached because she was just skin on bones. She closed her eyes hoping to fall to sleep, when outside music drifted up to her window.  The familiar words danced around the darkness and fell on her…suffocating her. It was their song once.

Her heart was breaking but sadness quickly turned to anger. She grabbed the journal that was next to her and threw it across the room.

With her the remaining energy she screamed, “What the hell good are you?”

Her breathing sped up, her hands reached for her heart….”I am so damn sorry and I can’t even fix it!”

She began to sob uncontrollably, but no tears fell. She was caught in a hell of trying to fix the past. When she was given the journal she thought that it would solve her problems. She was told whatever words you place inside, would come true. The wicked woman failed to tell her it would all be in the future.

She tried numerous ways to bring them back together.  Fix the mess she made a year ago. She would try to write that they were a happy couple.  It would happen the next day like she had written, but immediately something would break them up. Each time she tried, he grew angrier at her. How could she explain to him the deja vu style hell she was putting him through.

Last week she kept writing just minutes ahead that they were happily in love, then it would all fall apart. He began to think he was going mad not understanding what was happening around him.

She crawled out of bed and picked up the journal, as her fingers traced the last entry she had made.

October 30, 2013 8:26pm
Brent and I love each other.  We are a happy couple that nothing, no one can tear apart. We are meant to be together…til death do us part.

Clinging the book to her chest, memories rushed back. As the time rolled around, he was with her once more. She took his hand and kissed it. She stood up on her tip-toes and whispered, “I love you baby….forever. We will be together forever.”  Why didn’t she see the madness in his eyes? He could not explain why he kept having her drop into his life, saying the same thing over and over. He would run but some how ended up back with her.

He pulled back his hand and saw the window.  He didn’t look back as he ran full speed and smashed through the glass and falling to the street far below. Those brief moments he was suspended he felt free and normal again.

All she could do was watch all the way until he hit the ground. Even then, his body contorted, he looked beautiful to her.

Her mind races back to the present.  Ever since that day she sat and wrote time and time again. If she attempted to make an entry about the past to change it, the ink would fade away. She tried many ways to bring him back to life but it was useless.

Then a light came on inside of her cloudy thoughts.  She opened the journal to make one last entry. Passionately she scrawled down the words.  Closing the journal, she sat with her back against the wall and waited. Silence became deafening as she could hear her heat beat getting louder and louder.

Finally she heard the footsteps down the hall.  She opened her eyes and there he stood.

She rose up slowly…..”Brent….baby, it’s you. Oh how I have missed you.”

Her hand stroked the side of his face that was still somewhat whole, avoiding the part that met the asphalt.

“I love you baby.  I told you we would be together forever.” she whispered and stood on her toes to kiss his cheek. As she closed her eyes she missed the mad look he had once before.  This time his hands went around her neck.

“Til death do us part”,  Brent whispered back……..


Written for MindLoveMisery writing prompt….this week prompt…”Pick a date at any point in the near or distant future and try your hand at prophesy. “

4 thoughts on “Dear Diary

    1. Hello! Yes, I have been absent for about a year, I think. 🙂 I am not trying to reorganize and I think I am lost with your prompts. Are there two sites now?
      Merry Christmas, my friend.


      1. I used to host the prompts at my personal blog by myself. It was on Sundays. Then I decided I wanted to have a group and offer a prompt daily. So I started a new blog just for the prompts.

        I didn’t transfer anything so when you responded to some of the original/older prompts it linked to my personal blog because that is where they were hosted.

        How are your holidays? I hope they are fabulous!


      2. Okay, I think that makes sense now. 🙂 I didn’t respond to an old prompt but copied and pasted old things I wrote and I guess the ping transferred as well.
        I had the best Christmas in so many years. I hope yours were just as good.


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