Dancing Laughter


He reached out his hand to me and I took it without hesitation. As I looked into his eyes, my heart steadied with the rhythm of the train. I sat back down and my eyes glanced out the window and I could see the moon had thrown her blanket over the world. I must have fallen asleep but the dream was still fresh in my mind.

Still looking out the window, I could see the stars casting their reflection upon the water. My heart fluttered like the wings of a hummingbird as I saw the pearl gliding through the darkness. It seemed to hover then spin and in the distance I heard his laughter. Pain drifted down my throat and sank inside of me. Tears began to well in my eyes as the man next to me gently took my hand in his. I felt the warmth of his kindred spirit but I still longed for my love.

comfort in the night
head rest on his shoulder
longing for another


Written for Carpe Diem #366
We are now crossing over the Volga River

Artwork by me…as usual

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