Come Walk With Me

Dedicated to my dad who made my life full of magic and taught me the love of nature.

“Come daddy, come”, she gleefully shouted and reached up for his hand. Her small fingers intertwined with his and she leaned forward trying to make him walk faster. She didn’t want to miss fairies.

“Sweetie we can stop right here. Listen….what do you hear?”

She stopped, put her hands over her eyes and spun around. She could hear the wind dancing with the brittle autumn leaves. She felt the snap of twigs under her feet. Close by the water was singing as it rolled along the rocks always in search of another place. Then she stopped as the tinkling of bells reached her ears.

She dropped her hands and her eyes smiled as they saw her father. He was holding the tiny red satin purse they always brought with them to the magical woods. The threading was loose now and you could see how worn it had become over all of their trips. He assured her the magic was still in there no matter what.

“Daddy tell me the story of how the fairy gave me her bag please,” and she begged with her heart and eyes. Even at such a young age she knew he rarely could refuse her pleas.

“Of course, now come sit down by me. We do not want to disturb the others that live here.”

She knew he meant not only the fairies but the trolls that roam, the unicorns that slept near by and all of the other creatures that called this place home.  She skipped over to where he sat and decided to lay down next to him. Just like he always did while telling the story, he laid a leaf upon each of her eyes. He told her the story was best heard that way so she could focus on his words, crawl into the story and re-live it.

“When you turned one, your mother and I took you into the woods for a picnic. Like now, you were so full of energy and always wanted to explore everything in your sight.  Your mother and I would sit and watch you for hours. On this day there was a different feel in the air.  Almost a sadness and you wanted to search out what was wrong. You picked up sticks, looked behind rocks thinking maybe there was an animal lost. Finally you were tired and sat down. That is when you…..”

“That is when I heard the bells daddy right?” she interrupted because at that moment she could feel the vibration through her body.

He laughed, “yes….that was what I was going to say. You heard bells chiming. This peaked your interest once more. You lifted up some leaves near by and that is when you saw…”


Again he laughed as she shouted out her favorite parts of the story while lying with her eyes covered with the leaves.

“You saw the red fairy and immediately knew she was hurt. We normally cannot see fairies unless they have lost some of their powers.  Hers were fading because she injured her wing. You got down on your belly and spoke to her. Only you could hear her and you said her voice…”

“Sounded like tiny bells daddy! And i can hear them now….”

“Yes…tiny bells,” his voice trailed off as he shook the little bell in his hand smiling.

“You took the ribbon and clip out of your hair and quickly mended her little wing with care. She was so thankful for the help she gave you her magical bag. She told you…..”

“That whenever I wanted to hear her again I should come out here, close my eyes and bring the bag. She would sing and dance to let me know she was okay.”

“Yes, exactly and do not move sweetie……I think she may be here now.”

Her little body tensed with excitement as she heard the bell louder now. She didn’t move because that meant the red fairy was dancing around. She knew by instinct she would be able to catch her trail once the chiming stopped.

Just then…it stopped….she removed the leaves as the fairy dust floated down from the air and landed on her. It is the moment she always wants to freeze in time.


Thrity-five years later the same girl, now a woman was in the woods, eyes covered telling the story to herself. She could feel her dad’s presence even though he was now in Heaven. She held the bag in her hands and she felt the bells inside. She also discovered after her dad passed away the fairy dust inside.

She now knew her dad’s secret but still believed in the fairy magic he created for her. Her hands still, eyes shut she was taken back by the sound of chiming bells above her……

the womans eyes opened
fairies brought her hope again
magic surrounds us all

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