Come Morning Light

Artwork by me :)

Artwork by me 🙂

Wearily I walk through the night, while moonlight curls and caresses the stars. The wind chases me through the trees as I sit down and tend to my scars. Exhaustion weighs heavy on my shoulders but still sleep eludes me. Noisy silence permeates my mind as I try to quiet my thoughts.

Resting my head in my hands,  holding back  tears – little fireflies soon become luminaries in the air, dancing, trying to make me smile. I hold out my hand and one lands tenderly on my finger and I often wonder, why would someone try to capture such beauty in a jar? I smile as a single tear drops and lands by my feet.

Little frog croaks at the unexpected drop upon his head, then leaps upon my bare foot. I pluck a sleeping morning glory and use it to crown his head. Many tales unfold in my mind of princesses kissing frogs to find their true love. What a laughable suggestion to me…..why turn a beloved creature into a mere man? He is perfect the way he is.

An orchestra of crickets begin to play a lullaby as the a nightingale flutters out of her nest to sing along. The music fills my body and I rise to dance along. Twirling, spinning, and for a moment all worries disappear. The breezes dances in my hair, my toes grounded in the earth as my heart is set free.

Time is suspended as the music subsides and star dust lands on my head, sweeps down to my eyes and finally sleep is by my side. I curl up on a soft bed of grass as the wind embraces me, whispering……

starlight kisses from afar
nestled against his heart
sleep safe and sound

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