Come A Little Closer

artwork by me....

artwork by me….

Want to know more about me
I will try and show you


I am

a strong woman


a lover of words


Did you know that I

am afraid of the dark
love to laugh
want to make people smile
hurt easily
love grandly


You may know that

I talk a lot
laugh loudly
enjoy running in the rain
sing all the time
hide behind smiles


People fail to see I

get quiet when I feel safe
close my eyes to see music
taste colors around me
dream images when I hear words
am consumed with so much energy
need to feel secure to be still


My heart would tell you I

want to save the world
try to see beauty in everything
look for good in everyone
have been hurt but it hasn’t made me hard
will give so much of myself to those I love


My mind would tell you I

see things completely different than most
rejoice in my world of synesthesia
have inner battle between imagination and logic
wish everyone could see things through my eyes


My mouth would tell you I

love to talk
believe laughing is priceless
speak less when I feel safe
love the way words feel as they fall from my tongue
have a habit of biting my lower lip


My hands would tell you I

never stop moving them
love to feel paper when I write or draw
believe touching a person is important
have issues with certain textures
will keep your heart safe if entrusted to me


My feet would tell you I

enjoy being barefoot
could walk forever
will stay by your side through good and bad times
have walked many paths, some easy and others hard
feel at one with the earth


Now I hope you know me more
Look at my art it reveals so much
Read my words and it unveils many truths
My photography gives a glimpse into how I see things
Speak to me and I share my self




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