Can someone please tell me, when did it become so hard to breathe? 
I watch the sun rise and want to withdraw deep into the warm welcoming arms of darkness. Tear drops barely hang onto my lashes but their weight seals my eyes shut.  I am reduced to the primitive, sharing only a fragment of a broken heart…..again.
Why am I so damn br    oke      n.
Maybe there is only one solution….for this me.
This open, dreaming, honest, loving, giving thing that I am.Just simply needs to cease being that me.For now will just succumb to the darkness that over powers the sunrise…..dive into it’s welcoming warm arms and rest. The familiar world of anger, sadness is always ready to over take the heart once more. The weight of lies, let downs and abandonment is oppressive but use to their grasp onto my heart. 
Always hoped for a shore to finally find myself that would be shelter. A place where kindness, love, truth would welcome my tired, slow beating heart. Where I could be wrapped in comfort and security……guess it was another dream that didn’t come true.
Words are just words. Rest is needed.
 Be careful with me.
(I am not as strong as you want to believe)

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