Photo by me

Photo by me

You are the monsoon that pushes me up these beaches where I lie coughing up the decayed contents of my insides. The cyclical thoughts are whirling from within and I try to choke them back down. I force air out of my lungs and as I open my eyes, I feel a burst of life….a light and soul that pours from your cerulean eyes. I careen towards consciousness and writhe back into my skin.

The waves of the ocean are pulling the sand from beneath me, unveiling crushed bottles. They are the buried memories I had thrown into the water so long ago. Now the slivers break my new skin and attempt to bleed me back into the surf. I hold on because I am a stronger vessel for something great and fight the current, guiding the hull through this riptide romance away from the storm. I need to search for calmer, warmer seas.

The winds pick up and press me onward trying to steer me into the rocky bays of home. Even as the rivers smash into the mouth of the ocean and toss my frame about…..I always had a chance, my love, even in the thrashing seas when you were my anchor.

i let go
become a bottle in the ocean
stripped of its message

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