Photo by me.

Photo by me.

He looks out with a sense of pride
from the view of his home.
He has made it.
King of his world.
Now everyone can see it.

Years of hard work
Many missed birthdays
and important events
Now he has all of this.

A home on the oceans edge
His sandy yard
stretches out and falls into
the water.

He stands beside his daughter
Look at what I created for you
I give to you
The world.

Her eyes take in the sight
as questions dance in her head
Daddy you own the sand?
The ocean is ours too?
How high up in the sky belongs to us?
How low can I dig until it is no longer mine?

He didn’t take long to think.
It all belongs to you.
Everywhere your foot lands in the sand
it is all for you.
Go splash into the ocean
it is there for your pleasure.
Look up and as far as you can see
even the stars shine for your eyes.
Dig, dig, dig because what ever you touch
every grain will move just for you.

It is all for you

There is no person on this earth
who can take any of it away.
I own it all and one day
will give it to you.

Just as he smiled
happy with himself
and all that he had accomplished
he paid little attention to the wind that stirred.

The water grew louder and pushed up on the shore
as the air lifted the little pebbles and pieces of sand
The little girl grabbed her fathers hand
Daddy I think we should go in…

His wife comes out with a look of concern
She worries a storm is coming
maybe they should watch the news.

The smile never leaves his face
he keeps looking towards the ocean
Inside he challenged the storm
It wouldn’t dare touch his world.

The next day the waves pull back
People walk over what he called his
they place flowers where a new family had lived
and now died after the hurricane.

A little girl holds the hand of her father and says
Daddy how sad, she would have went to my school.
He pulls her close and hugs her
I know dear, it is such a shame
but no one can predict nature.
We all live here for a short time
and borrow from the land.
Just remember to appreciate
and respect what you have
while we are all still here.

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