Looking up at the stars that seem to be dangling on wires. I tiptoed so my fingers could touch them but as I did, they began to melt. It felt as if the night sky started to weep and the tears fell around me.. flowing into the river. I followed the stream and an opal dragonfly skimmed across the water. I ran to try and capture the beauty of the creature then heard a screeching sound as if a bow was being forced across a violins strings.

My hands covered my ears and I felt as though I was falling. The graceful pearl continued to move as my eyes opened and I felt arms around my body. It was then I saw him. He helped me sit back in my seat. I gathered my belongings to exit the train when I felt as though my cheek had been kissed by a snowflake.

where did he come from
two souls flowing together
kiss falling through time


Written for Carpe Diem #365, Yaroslavl
We follow Paulo to Yaroslavl

Inspired by the book Aleph by Paulo Coelho

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