Art work created by me inspired by Lilac Wine by Jeff Buckley

Her body bent, flexed and stretched like wisps of hair caught in the air….reaching for the stars that moved around her head. She closed her eyes and tip-toed on the stars throughout the milky way. Her arms reached out before her like straight lines spilling from soft pale flesh.

The light pulled her back but it hesitated and paused mid-glow as it whirled around her perfect form. The golden rays wrapped around her and moved slowly across her body like honey swirling in warm tea. It was then a change occurred as a red silken ribbon worked itself way up her leg as her arms became like gossamer wings that stirred to the rhythm of her heart beat.

Soft music drifted around her as it fused into a form…delicate violaceous florets floated around her. Her graceful fingers twirled the flowers like an extension of melody merged with her spirt as it aligned with the sound. She spun around with swift steps as the aroma of the lilacs gently sighed like a silent symphony who accompanied her dance.

With an unrivaled elegance the ribbon moved with majestic movements and revealed its true form. The red fused into the purples and blues of the pure perfection of a peacock. He pulled himself up untamed and unrestrained by gravity and his song was unusually soft and warm. It was a song that she brought her back to a time where love was all around.

His tones warmed her like the summer sun and his dance felt like the whispering winds. He was statuesque and flawless and as he looked into her eyes, he silently set her heart free. The spell was broken as she came falling back down to the luscious green earth below. She closed her eyes during the descent until she felt the soft blades of grass welcome her back. Once more she reached out to touch the branch of lilac blooms but instead a single feather drifted down into her hand. A reminder that all was not lost. He was out there waiting at the end of the red ribbon. It was now twisted and tangled but if she would be still long enough, he would find his way back.

She waited…..when he finds her she will dance once more.

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