My Heart’s Haven

As the waves of the world come crashing in around me, I’m searching for someone. It may become cold and dark, my eyes will search for the light….your light. It will guide me to safety, will you be my harbor?

I want to be able to come to you, set down my troubles, strip myself completely…leaving me vulnerable. Do not anticipate what I may need, I will tell you. Let me collapse into your arms, hold me close and I will whisper delicate words into your ear.

I just need you. Pull me close, wrap your arms around me and allow me to breathe. I need to bury my head against your chest and scream so all anger is expelled from my lungs where it burdens me. With your finger wipe away my tears as I slowly strip away my defenses. I am now raw and tender….be gentle my love…I am scared.

So long I have fought many battles on my own and bare the scars, even ones so deep they can only be felt, not seen. Let me take your hand and place it on my abdomen…just rest. The physical pain has long passed but emotionally I still carry it inside. Please soothe it so I may escape, just momentarily. Be my haven.

Lay your head upon my chest and hear the thump-thump of my stitched together heart. It skips a beat from time to time when memories creep in, she tries to hide. Please kiss it and tell her you are shelter. You see her beauty and only you have the key to come close.

I will slowly unravel in your arms…just allow it to happen. Allow my feet to rest from their journey and my hands to be still. Draw me into you and read to me. Let’s get lost on an adventure with Hemingway or  let our souls dance along with Keats. Or maybe, paint me a tale of your own from your heart to mine. We will just get lost in each other. Allow the serene wings of your love to cradle me.

As we lay tangled together, do not try and fix me. I don’t need a fearless warrior to fight my wars. Instead, let me rest and bask in your love so I am once more strong enough to stand on my own. You do not have to brawl what waits for me, instead be by my side…I just need to know when I am weak, you will shelter and allow me to heal.

Now lets pull the evening sky around us and fall to sleep. Tomorrow as the sun comes up, I will once more stand, put on my armor and take on another day. Knowing you are there beside me only strengthens me. But for now, let’s crawl into each others dreams.

Allow our hearts to beat as one, let our souls dance above us and allow the world to float away. All I need is you….please.

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