Invisible Words

My heart is a fluttering bird caught up inside my rib cage.

It tha-thump-tha-thumps around searching for a way out, not to escape but to finally be able to soar. I curl up and drink in whispers to my fragile heart,reassuring her one day it will happen. She will be able to to fly to her shelter….but not today.

I feel her calm down and sing back to me. She asks me when in a soft pleading tone……
“When? I have waited for so long…I have pieced myself back together a time or two…when?”

Those words go through me. My fingers trail over my stomach and up to the place that is keeping my heart secure for now. I know she cannot take another break. I fear she would not recover once more.

I pull out my pen and write words across my chest.

She begins to whirl about and I can feel her desire to speak to him.
The one she feels drawn to….

I pick up the pen once more and dip it in the invisible ink then allow my heart’s words flow onto paper. Love letters from her to his heart in hopes he will feel her and find her….unlock her.

Exhausted, I lay down…
I try and grasp the idea of maybe, just maybe
he will know.
He will love, protect and free my heart.

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