Carry Me Back

She sat with her knees pulled up to her chest while looking out of the window. Her expression seemed like she was lost looking out into the distance, but her eyes focused on her reflection in the  pane…. pain….. slipping quietly down her cheeks.

Looking away, she wiped the tears as she turned to face her desk. In front of her was a canvas that felt as empty and lonely as her heart. She turned on the music, his music, and let it fill the room. As she closed her eyes, she could see the movements of the notes fluttering all around her. It had been so long since she listened to the songs he made for her. She breathed in the melodies that allowed her mind to open and allow the memories back in.

The music became so light as if he was whispering through time into her ear,  allowing her hardened heart to melt just enough to feel him once more.

Like so long ago, her hands moved in sync with his. As his fingers danced across the piano keys, hers reached for a brush. He created the music as she brought to life the images.

A creative circle where she inspired his music and yet his music inspired her art. It was seamless…. perfect…. harmonious.

Before too long, silence enveloped her as the music faded away. She opened her eyes and looked at her canvas. The tears returned as her fingers touched the wet colors.

“I miss you,” she whispered.


Once more she turned to look out the window. This time her eyes went searching over the horizon, across the ocean longing to see him one more time. She touched the window with the paint still on her fingers…..

As his fingers brushed across the keys, he thought about how long it had been since he had played. He felt as though he could feel her hands… his muse who was just now a memory… upon his own.

I miss you.”

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